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About Us


The Orion House treatment philosophy believes that most of the children who come to the program have a severe need for immediate gratification. This need is so strong it affects the adolescent's ability to make positive and rationale decisions and relationships; influences their susceptibility to negative peer pressure; negatively impacts their development and their sense of self. Our treatment program is a direct response to these outcomes: C the FuTuRE.

The C the FuTuRE model focuses on the education of adolescents to better understand that moving away from the "immediate gratification mentality" is a step towards developing a positive self-concept. By understanding oneself and gaining healthy skill sets to meet their needs, adolescents in The Orion House program begin to mature; Confidence is gained and insight follows that will allow the individual a healthy way to grow and learn: They are ready to re-enter the community and become valued members of society.

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