Orion House, Incorporated
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  • What is The Orion House?
    A residential treatment program for adolescent boys ages 12 to 19.
  • Where is The Orion House?
    Newport, New Hampshire
  • Who does The Orion House serve?
    Adolescents who struggle with behavioral, emotional or substance abuse issues.
  • What happens at The Orion House?
    The Orion House community works closely with each adolescent to provide a home like environment where re-education and growth can take place. Therapeutic sessions, in-house group activities and outings into the local community are just some of the typical happenings at The Orion House.
  • Is there family involvement?
    Families and support members of the adolescent are an integral part of The Orion House Program. Opportunities to participate in therapeutic meetings and other clinical programs are highly encouraged.
Programs & Services
Who We Serve